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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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world's tallest men on life
burning balloon
First he saves a dolphin.

Then he gets a free bed.

And now he's getting married!  He says, "My life is full now.  I am very happy."

The "world's tallest man" proves this world ain't that bad.

Unless you're the OTHER world's tallest man, Leonid Stadnyk, who claims "Life is a living hell" and believes he's being punished by God.  Guinness doesn't want to come verify that he's 5 inches taller than Bao Xishun for whatever reason.  Maybe because he's so much more miserable.  Part of God's punishment, I guess.  This story makes me so sad.

So what is life?  Full and happy, or a living hell? 

I guess it depends.  On..............?

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Is Leonid still alive? I can't find any articles on him past 2004. :(

According to Wikipedia he was reported to have grown a centimeter in 2006. But his health is failing a bit for some reason. Oh my.

And I guess reading closer it says that it was he that refused to be measured three times in one day by Guinness (which is the established procedure for proving your height to them apparently)... preferring not to have court exposure, or whatever. Why can't I stop reading about this? I wish they had never written the story in the first place!

I feel so bad for him. He should have let them measure him. He wouldn't be so poor. Look at all the free shit the other guy is getting!

So sad! It's like he's going through those scary+awkward adolescent growth spurts over and over again... I wish he'd get that surgery somehow, even if he has to turn into an absurd celebrity to do it...

Wait a minute.... he got married in March! Two weddings? Twice the presents? Score!

GOOD observation. I didn't even see that !

this is a very interesting story, the tale of two tall men. One a hero in mongolia, the other hiding in his village in the Ukraine. What makes the one so fortunate and the other not? Is is true that you make your own luck, or does it depend on circumstance? And if the latter is true, what circumstances make a difference? At first glance, both countries are troubled places.

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