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between the rocks
I'm at McLeod today giving lele the day off.  We had a very successful opening last night.  Thank you everyone for coming out!  You've probably already heard our pitch on myspace, livejournal, twitter, dodgeball, email, sky-writing, and drunken tattoos that you don't remember getting, so if you came by last night, thank you for giving us a chance to wow you with art.  I think it's a beautiful show and you are all beautiful people.

My brain is all a jumble.  It went through the washer and now it's all mixed up, dripping wet, waiting for the next cycle.  It's a good kind of jumbly.  I would like to spend a couple days and sort it all out, but on the other hand I sort of want to just throw it into the drier and wear it out.  Performance brain.  This next couple months are going to be big and crazy and life-changing for me in a bunch of different ways.  Just letting you know, without quite letting you know.


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