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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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The new McLeod Residence show opens tonight at 6!

Voronoi Casteljau Variant!
Originally uploaded by Buster Mcleod.

I'm in love with these butterflies. They're being mounted as we speak. They remind me of my favorite childhood Christmas present which was a butterfly catching kit. Net, alcohol and cotton balls to snuff out those little beautiful creatures, and little wooden suit case to mount them in. How each different kind of butterfly had a different threshold for human nearness. How each kind came during a certain time of year. The elephant ear (as I called it) was never caught.

My favorite novelist was also a lepidopterist.

If you're in Seattle, come by McLeod Residence tonight to see the butterflies, the flowers that respond to touch, the fabric that puts on a light show, the lasers that make you feel like you're in a David Lynch short film, the prints that make you feel tiny, and the paintings that represent the seasons. Summer is here! Let art magnify your experience and make life more lovable. Meet the artists and bring friends!

I hope to see you tonight! 2209 2nd Ave (between Bell and Blanchard)

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thanks for the invitation, i had a fine time.

Fairy Wish.

I need:
a) a fairy granting wishes
b) a time machine
c) a fairy who can send you back in time to grant your wish yesterday (and still grant you a wish once you are there, or rather, then, but once you are, today's wish is in the future, so you should technically still get a wish from her, if she shows up where she sent you (or "when" she sent you... I am getting a headache with this.).

I wish I was in Seattle yesterday. I so would have shown up.


sometimes I so wish Denver and Seattle were next door to each other! =)

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