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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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iLove you
bird poops on plum branch
On Friday I waited 7.5 hours in line at the U. Village Apple Store. A variety of moods flashed through my mindset's fickle terrain as the sky itself flipped from sunny to minor sprinkler-in-the-next-yard drizzle-esque-y. Mochas, wheatgrass shots, and ultimately tequilla supplemented well.

I'm writing this from an iPhone right now, trying to build trust with this wacky little keyboard. So far the trust builds. I just wish two spaces made a period.

For the record, I'm in the boat that thinks the world will never be the same (assuming your world swims in nerdy Internet-infested waters of milk and honey).

Yes, I can say things like that with a straight face because I spent a whole day in line to buy something that anyone could have bought 1 hour later without waiting for at all. I'm clearly an unreasonable person, brainwashed by packaging. And life has never been better!

If you can afford one, get one now, is all I'm sayin'!

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If it's any consolation for your day o' unreasonable waiting, my aversion to lines left me trying to buy one at my neighborhood AT&T store only to find that they were sold out. Might need to make a pilgrimage to the Apple Store very soon if they're still in stock up in the utopian U Village.

I'm on hour 51 of no activation and all AT&T can tell me is to "wait" because they aren't sure what's wrong. I want to blow my brains out.

i have to switch to Cingular (it's the only service you can get out where I live now) and have been wondering if i should get one. so you really think it's all that?

I want one too, but I think I'm gonna wait for the V.2 at least to make sure they get any bugs taken care of.

But there are no bugs! :)

And any bugs can be taken care of with a software update... this is the best version 1.0 product that has ever been launched.

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