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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Absurd Advice from Buster (edition #3)
I feel like I'm dying a little bit inside these days.  I'm drowning myself in booze to cover up everything... my motivation, lack thereof, etc.  I know that there are so many things I could do, but I fear being overwhelmed will keep me under fear's thumb, never allowing me blossom into the things I think I could be.   When did things get so hard?

Things being hard (or, difficult) isn't the problem.  What you're probably trying to say is that things seem too difficult.  That's a problem.  So is fearing being overwhelmed by fear itself.  If you're going to do that, might as well end it all right now.  Here's my advice: rather than ending it all, step it up.  There's no time for dilly dallying and hesitating.  Jesus, Buddha, and Santa Claus spit on the hesitators. 

Some people rally themselves by creating a false sense of value in the universe.  By believing in something absolute, something grounded and universal.  I rally by doing just the opposite.  Life is futile, meaningless, and inconsequential.  Bottomless, groundless, turtles all the way down.  Giving up, or fighting with everything you got, either way results in you ending up as worm food and everything you've ever built being destroyed and everything you've ever contributed being forgotten.  We're lost souls, confused, with chicken brains, trying to breathe water through granite lungs, trying to turn water to whiskey, trying to turn lead into love, trying to tell a story that actually answers a question we don't even know how to articulate.  That feeling of inconsequential meaninglessness and insignificance that you get when you're staring up into the stars or watching Powers of Ten or trying to comprehend world news while also feeling angry at your hang nail... those aren't just fleeting moments of daydream whimsy and too little sleep, they're as close as we'll ever get to knowing the real state of things.  Like a chicken seeing a butcher passing through the light of the cracks leaking through of the barn door, or Plato playing finger puppets.

The cumulative effect of it all is that meaningless becomes meaningless.  Without a ground, life turns into a movie on a beautiful set with an incredible budget.  A movie that ends and, when credit rolls, is completely gone (characters, story, set.... poof!).  The adrenaline of drama, striving, creativity, love, victory, and defeat exist as buttered popcorn for our souls, and we step up to the big adventure because it's the only thing to do in this dark theater. 

What is left, and what lasts longer than the movie, is the style with which you choose play your role.  Be bold, confident, risk-taking, vulnerable, loving, subtle, mysterious, and make sure you and the audience are bonded forever in a weeping, laughing, clapping finish.

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