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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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JT LeRoy sued for $116,000 + legal fees and loses
This sucks.  I met her through fambai last summer, and she gave us some food.  Even though the guy who sued her is a total jerk, and I hate bullies, maybe it's all worth it as performance art anyway.  I guess it depends on how she's taking it.  Jess, any insider info?

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ah that sucks. i really liked laura, too.

yep, it does suck, and the guy who sued her IS a total jerk. basically he sued her b/c she wouldn't give him her life story for a movie. she didn't trust him with it, so he sued her for fraud. she is remorseful about certain things, and is naturally devistated by the verdict- not the least b/c she can't afford it. most if not all of her $ goes to her son's private school education. right now she is in kind of a state of disbelief. i just want people to know she is a wonderful person with a wonderful soul who did what she did because JT was and is part of her and that's what she needed to do. for herself, and for art. she made some bad decisions, but there were no bad intentions. :(

Yeah, I can see that she had no bad intentions.... clever and awesome intentions, yes, but unfortunately the world doesn't understand her brilliance.

geez, i can't believe it. is she going to be ok?

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