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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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A new Robot Co-op project
I know we try to start a new blog about once every couple months (Pronoia and Mutual Improvement are the two latest casualties) and promptly abandon them with no advance notice at all, but this time we're serious!  We've learned from our mistakes!  We even hired someone to write for it!  Brangien Davis (who, incidentally, I met for the first time at a Cephalopod Appreciation Society meeting a month or so ago) has been working with us and experimenting with the idea of creating a blog that supplements 43 Things and our growing network of weird ideas for a couple weeks now and it's beginning to get some great momentum.  I'm REALLY excited about it... and in how it will help us externalize a lot of the conversations and ideas that are constantly floating about in our own petri dishes but which never make it out into the general public.

So, if you have an RSS reader, subscribe!  And if you only have a  browser, bookmark!  This will be a supplemental blog to 43 Things, and will be updated daily.  For reals.  This week, we all volunteered as guinea pigs in an assignment to write a letter to our younger selves, and it was fun.  Check it out!

The Petri Project: a living lab report from the makers of 43 Things

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i didn't know you guys were working with brangien! she rules! we used to work together at my old job. tell her i said hi!

She does rule! And she says HI back!

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