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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Nobody's home
bird poops on plum branch

Or, if you prefer to be put on hold:


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benny, not bad stuff! i only wish the band was called Women in the Minorities.

Actually, Rick and I founded a band on Sunday morning, wrote 5 songs, and broke up at sunset (due to differences in the direction we thought the band was going), and that band was called Women and the Minorities. LBJ played rock viola on one of the tracks too. I didn't have time to convert them to mp3s and post them though before I left. We're thinking of submitting one of the songs to John in the Morning. We have at least one of the elements of a One Hit Wonder... that is, at least one song. The "hit" and "wonder" parts, I'm hoping, are mostly figurative.

There are talks about reuniting in 10 or so years and possibly playing Lollapalooza.

you leave today, i just realized! have a great trip!!!! send us notes if you can :)

I type this from a library in Charlotte, NC, during my lovely 10 hour layover (in the European sense). I may post phone pictures from Slovakia if I can (to the other site), but if I have time and access to internet cafes I may post something here too.

Other than leaving my debit card at Stella's on Saturday night and it being closed both Sunday and Monday, as well as the banks, leaving me with no access to my zillion dollars whatsoever and therefore requiring me to finagle a rather indirect and cumbersome link to cash money for a month, all is going according to Rock Rule plan.

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