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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
I'm sort of in love with this new site, Lumosity, even though it makes my brain cry.  Web 2.0 + neuroscience + games = heaven for Buster.

My lumosIQ

It's a well designed and easy to use version of some of the really awesome brain improvement games that I am usually too bored to keep up with.  But this free 30-session training period thing could be just the thing.  I'm worried about my brain and my memory, and this could be just the thing for it. 

If you take the test, let me know how you do.  Join me in the middle spectrum of brain strength!

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My 1999 PowerBook's numbers won't work on that raindrop thing, even when they work on other screens. No fair! My score CAN'T be that low! Ouch! My pride!

I really love that, which is good because I really need it.

Oh wow this is a great exercise, i could play this all night! Thanks for the great link! My first score is 132, 2nd was 140 because I knew how to play the games better.


i believe I owe most of my processing speed to my heavy use of the number pad for work.


(149, 135, 109)

Guess I'm good at birdwatching and bad at simple arithmetic.

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