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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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to squid!
bird poops on plum branch
If you have a secret that you don't want anyone to ever learn about but you have to tell someone, you whisper it into the tiniest suction cup on the tentacle of a giant dying squid at the bottom of the ocean... or you post about it on your LJ friends list.  Right?  Squid are on the brain and in the stomach lately.  I am in love with them because they break the well known riddle of animals in the natural world... you know, the one that states that any given animal can have one or two out of three (but not all three) of the following qualities: beauty, smarts, tastiness.  Humans are beautiful and smart, but not terribly tasty, jellyfish are beautiful and tasty, and chickens pigs and cows are only tasty.  Some people are strictly uglyovores... only eating things that aren't cute.  Some people would never eat something that's smart, like a dog or a monkey.  But, squid are the exception!  If someone doesn't like squid, it's mostly because it's too chewy, not because it's too beautiful or too smart.  They are the anomalies of the cuisine world, not to mention the deep blue.  Go squid go!

I want to tell you all kinds of things that are going on.  Doubling down on love, life, and friends means doubling down on living it out.  Maybe tonight I'll ramble on about some of that.  For now, what would you rather eat: balls or brains?  I'm taking a survey and have a hypothesis about it.

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Psst... speaking of squid & all...

Balls. I've had brains already, they're great!

balls. there are some of each of them on this plate:

and trust me, the balls' texture is far less disturbing than the brains'.

Can you describe the texture of both to me?

keep in mind that i refused to eat either, but my dining partners ate both and i watched them be stabbed with forks and ingested. the balls are just like you'd imagine (and how they look up there). sort of springy/squishy with a smooth surface and sort of, i think, uniform throughout. the brains are just basically textured mush that has a form, but as soon as you poke at it sort of breaks up/apart.

(the stuff in the picture that looks like it might be intestines or something is actually spinal cord, in case you wondered.)

haha you want to know the texture of balls.

and you were just lurking until you found out too. haha.

ooo buster i'll show you. call me later xoxoxo

i've touched your balls.

so i choose brains.

i still would rather kill an octopus with my teeth. why won't any seattle restaurants allow it? they either laugh or just look at me funny when i ask.

Brains, just because the nutritional profile is better known and understood. The only thing I read about the nutrients of balls (and admittedly I haven't looked hard at all) was all speculation.

Brain. It's all one fairly uniform object whereas balls are made of so many discrete components that I just know I'd end up with, like, epididymis between my teeth.

I've never had squid. I became a vegetarian before the age when kids start eating fancy food.

If I had a choice between the two of them, I think I'd prefer balls. Still nasty, morally queasy and likely to upset my stomach for weeks, but unlikely to give me BSE. Then again, BSE sits in your brain for so long that even long-term vegetarians have died from those cheeseburgers they ate as a kid. I'm sure there's all sorts of nasty stuff that lands in reproductive organs after doing a circuit of the animal's body, so I may be setting myself up for a heavy dose of hormones and antibiotic residue, but it would just be sad if I died of mad cow disease...


aka Balls, Brains, Lettuce and Tomato. Club, that is.

If I'm gonna double down this year I'm gonna do it for real and vote twice! Pussy footing is for the meek.

neither, but brains seem more likely to give you a terrible prion disease; so ...

I'm not sure that we have enough evidence about humans for the 2 of 3 hypothesis. If humans were tasty, would that knock out smart or beautiful.

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