Go easy on yourself. (buster) wrote,
Go easy on yourself.

Now 31!

I had the best birthday weekend ever.  All of you are amazing.  I love you.  Best friends ever, best ideas ever, best dance moves ever, best three and four-layer pyramids ever, best falling over ever, best eyeliner ever, best champagne ever, best ass slapping ever, best tongue ever, best cheerleading ever, best long distance romance ever, best fortress of pillows ever, best sparkly glasses ever, best blasted broccoli ever, best donuts in a bag ever, best universe of possibilities ever, best zest ever, best prom photoset ever, best photographers ever, best everything in the universe ever really.  I really do want to double down on friends, love, and becoming a better, kinder, sillier, person.  Life could be as simple as that I think.

More pictures from Andy, Kristen, and the photobooth here:
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