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"Actually, we just made out"
bird poops on plum branch

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i love it. in my cab last night, we were listening to a radio program about reincarnation. they were talking about the theory that we keep getting reincarnated into the same exact body and same life over and over again, each time making new decisions and choosing different paths. deja vu is when you remember your previous lives as the same person. i'm not sure why, but i never really considered this before. i love it, though! think of all the different scenarios! i like to think i'm far in this life -- like i'm in my most experimental stage. you are probably, too.

That's interesting. Like groundhog day with 99% amnesia? I like it! I also like to think that I'm an old lost soul, and feel like there are certain people who I've known from previous versions of this life, like in the Mummy or something. Like you.

I've been thinking about the book Fooled by Randomness again. About how most of the fortunate and good things in life, as well as bad, tend to come from a good chunk of luck and circumstance. But being prepared for luck's turn is the key to happiness. It's a bit like being a blind scientist trying every combination of possibilities to see which concoction makes gold and being okay with lots of poison. And for those of us who've tied creativity and experimentation with our very survival... the lab can get a little heated and crazy at times. Sounds a bit familiar. But you and I are good experimenters... explosions and discoveries are both worthwhile. BOOM BAM POW.

unrelated: did you see the video i posted?
i can't stop watching it.

[Butting in]

You said: But being prepared for luck's turn is the key to happiness.

That brought two things to mind:

Oprah had said something similar on her show once. She said, "Luck...( or was it success?)is simply a matter of when opportunity meets preparation.”

The other was in a book a read a few years back on the Kabbalah. This story was in a chapter about faith but other things can be taken from it too.

It was a very hot day in an Odessa train station as a rabbi stood in line waiting to buy a ticket. One of his students saw him standing there and offer to take his place in line so that the rabbi could rest in the cooler waiting area. The rabbi excepted his offer. The young man stood in line for more than an hour and when his turn came, he paid for the ticket and brought it to the rabbi. The rabbi thanked him and started to board the train.

"I paid for the ticket." the young man said.
"Thank you."
The young man figured the rabbi must have misunderstood. "As you know I am very poor. May I be reimburesed for the ticket?"
"I don't have any money." the rabbi said.
The young man was shocked. "You mean you were standing in line to by a ticket to Kieve and you didn't even have any money?"
The rabbi nodded as if this were the most natural thing in the world. "I needed to go to Kieve but I had no money so standing in line was the action I took. Then, thank God, God sent you to buy it for me."
"But now I don't have money for a ticket." lamented the boy, obviously worried.
"Well, suggested the rabbi, "may I suggest you get in line." And with that he turned and moved toward the train.

someone snuck inside my head and created this from amwomb dream i had once.

also, we just made out.

Randomness + Curiosity = Salvation?

So how was skydiving?

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