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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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12: Oh whimsical weltanschauung!
monkey paw
According to Aristotle via Wikipedia, a worldview, or weltanschauung if you want to be all German pretentious about it (and who doesn't?), is made up of seven pieces:
  1. An ontology, a descriptive model of the world
  2. An explanation of the world
  3. A futurology, answering the question, "Where are we heading?".
  4. Values, answers to ethical questions: "What should we do?".
  5. A praxeology, or methodology, or theory of action: "How should we attain our goals?"
  6. An epistemology, or theory of knowledge. "What is true and false?"
  7. An etiology. A constructed world-view should contain an account of its own "building blocks", its origins and construction.
I think this is how the design of my desired lifestyle might evolve over the next year.  Double down on life.  I've got a ton of slogans, and an ideal scene, and a (constantly adjusting) 5 year plan, and this ball is also rolling up etiquette, manners, games with points, self-tracking, habits, body language, and now maybe this worldview formula.  Three parts absurdism, one part silliness, two parts futurism, wrapped in McLeod, life as art, whimsy, spontaneousness, meaninglessnessosis, meaningfulnessosis, 12-step programs, children's books, life-coaching, and whatever else is shiny.

Okay, I had given up coffee for a couple weeks and am admittedly having my first cup right now... but still.

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I would love to see a visual representation/ map/ collage of this weltanschauung

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