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19: body language dictionary
muppet and polar bear
Here's my first attempt at representing all of the elements of the Facial Action Coding System:

Facial Action Coding System

(See all 42 facial action codes...)

Okay, so I want to make a body language dictionary.  Where you can look up poses, postures, faces, placement of hands, arms, legs, tilts of shoulders, how this little movement means this and that little movement means that.  Not for reference, of course... but rather for pure enjoyment and whimsey.  We already know the body language dictionary inside out, but sometimes it's fun to have our knowledge projected back onto us.  To swim around in it.

I suspect that something like this already exists, and that it's not that great.  I found this, which isn't quite right because it's sort of confusing.  I also found this, but there aren't any pictures.  I remember making these Nervasana Yoga Pose cards way back when I was into making things and they had poses for missed eye contact, slouching at a desk pretending to work, and other things.

What are the new poses for our new life?  Laying on the floor listening to a purring cat machine pose?  Self-portrait with a digital camera pose?  Text messaging while walking across the street pose?  Wearing ironic clothes pose?  Hailing a taxi pose?  I think this dictionary would be a lot of fun to make.  Or is it just my allergy medicine talking?

Oh!  And then we could cross-reference it with the hierarchy of emotions.  And wrap it around my 12 commandments for extraordinary living.  And include animals of the Egger Zodiak, and whatever else makes sense and doesn't make sense at the same time.  Yay or nay?

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That reminds me of the page in my thesis where I go through all of the facial expressions and phonemes that my character could make... I had to sculpt a head for each one...

Interesting! How big was the list? What was your thesis on?

I made a bunch of heads for two characters... 30 a piece, maybe? My grad degree is in 3D animation.

Have you seen this? The scientist dude's pretending to be a robot!

I used it with the kiddos during my WASL-relief "telling stories without writing sentences" unit. They started unconsciously copying his expressions, and then I laughed like crazy and then they laughed at me and then we all laughed and someone shoulda taken OUR pictures!

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