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bird poops on plum branch
Dear you,

I've decided to try to stop eating bread and refined sugar for a while.  Why not?  It's fun.  I love Of Montreal's "The Sunlandic Twins" album right now. It is fitting my mental state pretty much perfectly.  Let's have bizarre celebrations.  Let's pretend we don't exist.  Let's pretend we're in Antarctica.  I want to start writing more again.  I want to have more conversations.  I also want you to know that I have a habit of talking about things and wanting to be in it to win it and then holding back a little... staying a little out of reach.  It used to be a lot worse, and I'm working on it.  Samantha called me on it this weekend.  Other people have in other weeks.  I want to be called out more often.  Point out my inconsistencies and my hypocrasies... I can take it.  I want it.  Let's make each other better people.  I want to be challenged, because that's the only way to figure things out and move on.  I'm just doing my best.  That's all I have.  No more dilly dallying.  Big bets, gamble everything.  And try to find out when I can't or am not for some reason.  A bundle of entangled talk, actions, intentions, weaknesses, ideas, experiments, and everything else that makes things interesting and difficult and exciting and painful and full of reward.


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ha! i stopped eating white flour yesterday. i went to the store and bought a bunch of salmon and spinach and sesame whole grain crackers. that's about all i ate when i was in california, and i started missing that diet and wondering why my diet here is so crappy. yay. sugar isn't really possible for me to cut out this time around due to that stupid love for champagne and whiskey. but maybe later in the summer...

Awesome. Let's turn McLeod into a health club. However, champagne and whiskey don't count as refined sugar. At least, not in my book. The key to making this work is to having a lot of exceptions. Haha.

i suppose SF is ok too, then? HA HA.

SF is always within limits. Spumoni is never wrong.

wait a second, have you only stopped eating straight refined sugar? but refined sugar in things is ok?

Haha... um... I guess it's not okay, but I have to be realistic since I eat out all the time. Is there refined sugar in mizithra? :(

i think you're ok if you eat straight mizithra cheese. but you can't have the noodles.

sugar in noodles? :( maybe it only counts if i can obviously taste it. or maybe... no, i can't order anything else... i'm screwed. haha.

no, but noodles are bread. or are you just not eating bread bread?

but wait, SF with no bread??? that's crazy talk.

that is totally crazy talk. can we find a new temporary ghetto friend date location? are there any sizzlers nearby?

maybe your diet would go better if you at least _considered_ buying groceries and eating at home once in awhile? oh yeah, but you smashed all your plates. nevermind. ;)

oh, i can consider it. i actually wanted to learn how to cook 10 fantastic things last year. but shopping is so difficult. but considering shopping is not difficult. consider me considering.

gotta bet big to win big. ;) someone reminded me this weekend that anything worth anything doesn't come easy, but i want it to.

Easy is no fun. The only way to feel alive is to have big challenges, scrambling, rallying, excitement, play, experiments, constraints, risks, and fun. Nobody gets excited about easy. Nobody celebrates about easy.

all of that is so true. being constantly challenged is difficult. that's why i run marathons. haha. ;)

"We must always trust in the difficult" -Rilke

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