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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Back from Austin
bird poops on plum branch
What a crazy adventure! I loved Austin, as always. It was the same and yet so different this time. Great conversations, great dancing, great new people, great old friends, great free liquor, great no-slapping, great rain, great eats, great pictures, great great great. Here's are a couple funny ones.

My roomie, Dan, after a great breakfast as Las Manitas, said, "Buster, I want you to climb in that tree." And I did. While climbing around in it, the branch cracked and I almost fell to my death.

It was a long walk to the next place with free booze, and I found this three-wheeled cart, and Aubrey was brave enough to climb in (I didn't mention the fact that it only had three wheels though).

I danced with John Halcyon Styn, my contrasting color, a guy who I've never really talked to before but we had a great conversation with him and Andy Baio about intention manifestation, pronoia, and getting paid to masturbate. He was my favorite and most unexpected new friend of the conference.

Attended panels too! Even a 10am one (about pervasive games), after a 5am night. From my lens, everything was about play and games and how these rewards were becoming more important than usefulness and productivity. We want to enjoy our usefulness and productivity, and if we don't, we won't use a website or a technology no matter how much ajax you use or features you add. We've been saying this for a long time at work, so it was great to see it all coming out here.

The rain was great. I loved how it changed the dynamic. Kept the hard core socializers, gave us a reason to run around and scream. I loved that a lot more people came. It felt a lot less like a single social hierarchy ruled the event this year than it has in the past. There were so many people that unfortunately I didn't even get to see some of the people I had wanted to see.

The mood was interesting. It was a little quieter. I think some people have been humbled by the events of the last year. Big success in our small ponds led to buyouts and big parties last year, but this year the reality of jobs at Big Cos were starting to become frustrating: not enough resources given to their lovely pet projects, being ignored or pushed aside when attempts are made to do things that they could have easily done before they were bought out. I hope this new year brings about a second wind and frees my good friends from the prizes they didn't know they didn't want.

I loved seeing all my Austin SXSW friends. I loved being distracted by other things in other places. I loved staying out until 4 or 5 am and rising at 8, strangely hangover free, strangely untired, strangely ready to do it all again. I realized that I have a lot of energy and I want to dance it out, live it out, scream it out, cry it out, run it out, build it out, be it out.

This morning after getting off the plane (it was at 6am and I went straight there from the PV Lounge where the Lashes had just arrived) I took a quick nap, ran some errands, caught up on calls, and took a walk through downtown, the market, and Sculpture Park. It was so beautiful. It recentered me and made me fall in love with Seattle again. And I realized that for some reason, amongst all the other feelings that are going on in my head, I was feeling misunderstood by some people... that my behavior from the last couple weeks has been interpreted incorrectly, as somehow other than what I feel like it is. Since so much of my energy now is focused on self-expression, the feeling of being misunderstood is particularly painful. So... I'm going to look at my intentions this week and make sure they're all aligned as they should be: happy, positive, easy, relaxed, patient, confident, for the greatest good of all. In my gut I feel like it is, but the fact that it's being misinterpreted could mean there's something hidden in my intentions that I'm not aware of. We are strangers to ourselves sometimes, at least I know I am.

Thank you thank you thank you for being here and doing this and understanding what this is all about.

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the photo of you in the cherry blossom tree is one of the greatest pictures i have seen of anyone ever. love the hair contrast. love love love it.

I agree. I think he should take to wearing a crown of cherry blossoms from now on.

The amazing thing is that that picture captures almost exactly how I feel about things right now. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Hahahahahaha!

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