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bird poops on plum branch
I'm aware that sometimes my thoughts and emotions and actions aren't all really consistent with one another.  I say things and then don't feel them, or I feel things and then don't say them, or I do things that contradict what I've said.  It's like trying to spin three pizzas in the air at once.  I want these pizzas to be all spinning in the same direction (see, more talk), and I can back my words with actions when I am at my best, but the emotional part is often the stumper.  Not because I don't have emotions (no, those come in big doses) but because they contradict the actions.  It results in being the hesitator, or the conficted, or the paralyzed, or the half-asser.  My good friends see this in me the most I think.  I overcompensate contradictory emotions with action, but that just makes the disparity more obvious (to you, to me, to everyone).  I have a few new tricks for getting my emotions in line with my thoughts and actions without simply overloading action or thought, but if anyone has any advice or tips or knows what I'm talking about at all, please let me know.  Thanks. 

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pretty much the definition! woo! but it can be overcome.

When I first read this Buster I knew exactly what I was gonna say. Read these books, breathe this way, explore these deities.

But I hesitated. Too often passionate and intelligent people allow the intellect to drive the car. So you end up waiting forever at an intersection, thinking about that last crossroads, extending metaphors beyond their utility.

You should let the brain navigate but the passion gets to steer and pick out the music from now on.

Also, take Omega-3 pills. About 9 a day. Good for your hair-skin-heart, and the fatty acids bind to the same neuro-receptors as mood elevating / stabilizing pharmaceuticals without side effects. "People used to know to eat a lot of salmon when the weather got bad"

This is deceptively simple, and perhaps approaching the problem from a slightly sideways direction, but: always think of others first and put yourselves in their shoes. That's my vote. Works 90% of the time to resolve the weirdness. The other 10% or so can generally be covered with "rise to the occasion."

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