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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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enjoyment categories
f is for fox
Did you know that there are categories of enjoyment?  Seven to be exact.  Imagine eating an orange, and all the different ways you can enjoy it.  You can enjoy it because it is tasty (pleasing to the senses), you can enjoy it because it's healthy (satisfies the body), you can enjoy it because it puts you in a better mood (mood-enhancing), you can enjoy it because a friend is sharing it with you (social meaningfulness), you can enjoy it because you've never had an orange before (novelty), you can enjoy it because it's the easiest thing to eat at the moment (practicality), and you can enjoy it because you think eating an orange makes you look good and gives you something to do (self-reflective).  Can you think of others?  I love how there are so many different ways to enjoy things, and that we don't tend to think about what kind of enjoyment we're having.  I'm just curious to see if I tend to favor one type of enjoyment over the others.  So far I think the main enjoyments I have are pleasing to the senses, social meaningfulness, and mood-enhancement.  What do you enjoy about drinking?  For me, it's the social meaningfulness, and secondarily the mood-enhancement.  You could potentially rank the categories of enjoyment and give yourself points according to the primary enjoyment category of every meal you eat, every movie you watch, every book you read, every conversation you have, etc.  Sometimes we use enjoyment as an escape from something we're not enjoying.  We surround ourselves with enjoyment like a smokescreen.  The mood-enhancement category is big for me... I'll check email as a way to maintain a certain level of constant distraction during the day as I mull other projects and ideas over.  And then sometimes I'll check email for practicality because I need information, or I need to get someone's email, or set up a meeting, or whatever.  We do the same things and yet enjoy them differently depending on the context.  Isn't that weird?  Or no?

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I definitely think that pleasing to the senses is the number one type of enjoyment I seek, but that is basically just human instict so I think we all tend to gravitate towards that. Second would be social meaningfulness and mood=enhancing for me.

Narcissist! Actually, I think the majority of my friends are probably junkies for those three categories. Those are the fun ones anyway.

I suppose that if you were living in a less fortunate time or place, you could eat an orange as a means to invoke jealousy. "Look at me! I have an orange and you don't!"

Or one could devour an orange that is part of an artist's still life, as a means of vengeance. "I've got your orange! Now what are you going to do?"

Ah, good one! How would you describe that enjoyment? Schadenfreude?

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