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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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wine, relaxation, paparazzi
bird poops on plum branch
Last night Maggie and I took our first pretentious wine class, and I enjoyed it a lot. First, they served us quite a bit of wine (7 small glasses), and second, nobody took the advice to spit it out. I was slurring with my questions by the end... and maybe talking too loud. Reminded me of college a bit actually. Sometimes you realize that you haven't changed much at all. I can't wait to be pretentious about wine. Just you wait.

Other than getting drunk, though, I think this class will be actually educational in the sense that it's teaching me something that really does apply to real life. There should be more classes on drinking. I can't wait until I can blind taste a white wine and know if it's a Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio. Imagine the possibilities! But really, I realized that I pay very little attention to how things taste and smell. I just consume. It might be fun to pay a little more attention to things for a while. Before I go back to being numb to everything.

I've been on Project Relax lately. Or trying to. Trying to relax is difficult, the more you try the less relaxed you are, I guess. I keep saying in my head: relaxing is between being lazy and being crazy. It doesn't mean I don't have a lot of things in my head, it's just that I let them be there without trying to mentally manipulate them. Mentally manipulating things doesn't get anything done, it just stresses me out, gives me crazy dreams, and makes me tense. Being in the productive zone is not about being tense at all... it's easy and everything just seems to happen on its own. That's how I usually am, but this new order of magnitude of stress in my life has made me a little insecure I think. I'm out of my comfort zone... which has been the plan all along... and I just need to get my stress-management skills caught up to them. So, if you're around me and find me being mean, or tense, all the time, apologies. I'm trying to relax. And I'll figure it out. I will be my better self in no time.

PS. If you're in Seattle, check out the back of the Stranger today... we've got a big ad for our call for art. Help us find pictures of these people! It will be fun.

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so, i got certified for wine-tasting in france and the teacher didn't offer us a spitting option AT ALL. we had to drink the wine and the samples were like half a glass and if you didn't try them all, then you'd fail the course (because we had to do a blind taste-test at the end and correctly identify the wines). anyway, long story short is that i got used to going out at break to throw up in the bathroom then i'd come back to rally for more. needless to say, i kind of hated wine by the end. but, hey, i still have the certificate--in french and everything.

Wow, you win. That's awesome. In a pukey sort of way. How many kinds of wine can you identify by taste?

none. that was seven years ago and i haven't bought enough fine wine nor drink it regularly enough to remember anything :(
just like forgetting how to speak a language when you don't speak it enough.

i have been to quite a few wine tastings and i never spit. i do get drunk. and i learn very little. and it's fun.

but i've retained very, very little about wine.

i do remember that a very good and aged Beaujolais is supposed to taste like a barnyard.

did you learn anything? i'm sure you did.

so last night after dinner, chris went home to walk the dog and i stopped at the qfc. as i was leaving i realized i was walking rihgt behind trainwreck AKA trickaneequa AKA Heey!! and i was cursing myself for not carrying my camera. it would have been perfect since all she had was a 2 litre of mountain dew (she and i have that in common).

then as i walked out onto the stree, Slats AKA worlds oldest hipster was right there. they were standing side by side practically.

i double cursed myself.

For the next month, we have to remember to carry our cameras AT ALL TIMES.

you've been seeing heeyyyy! a lot lately. me too. she's come out of the wood work.

blessed be!

This is something I want to do, too.

my neighbor poured me a glass of white wine the other night and i asked if it was a chardonnay, it was. geez. i was kind of surprised that i could tell the difference.

I have similar issues when it comes to relaxation. It's very hard for me to turn off the things in my head....or even just leave them alone. I like to obsess, obsess, obsess, which leads to stress, insanity, and absolutely no patience. When you figure out the solution, and if it's easy, let me know;)

yeah, i think so! i don't quite know for sure, but i think they might've been sitting in the back row like i was. awesome. i'll say hi next week.

The old "Spit vs Swallow" debate, eh?

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