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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Unified theory of extraordinary living
Here is the first draft of the 11 Commandments of Buster McLeod.
  1. You must have good intentions.
  2. You must admit to being the maker of meaning.
  3. You must not feel sorry for yourself.
  4. You must have a vision that you are striving for.
  5. You must tie creativity and experimentation with survival.
  6. You must be the change.
  7. You must rally others with your vision.
  8. You must not dilly-dally.
  9. You must stake your reputation on your better self.
  10. You must be responsible for your own failure and success.
  11. You must be comfortable with big failure.
I want to explain each of these ideas in more detail, but I'm still working on the exact list.  Some might be combined.  And some of them probably don't make sense yet  without further explanation.  But I think this sums up the lessons I've learned from self-help, meditation, Landmark, half-marathons, entrepreneurship, and McLeod in the year or so.  Am I full of shit?  Say so.  And what am I missing?

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it's awesome and terrifying. in a good way. i hope i'm up to the challenge too.

Yay, yes, you're up for the challenge. Which ones seem the most difficult to you?

defining good intentions, i think, and remembering to have good intentions after you've defined them.

yeah, that was the last one i added... because i had 10 and then i tried to imagine following them all and realized that i could still have a selfish and abusive vision and ruin people's lives and follow all the rules. that ain't right. the good intentions are what determine if you're weak or if you're strong, small or big, i think.

so good intentions means that you're trying to benefit other people's lives? i think i can remember that for the big life goals, but i often forget in the day-to-day.

I think it means that you interact with people honestly and don't try to take advantage of them. It doesn't mean you have to be nice all the time, just that you tell them that you don't like them if you don't like them. Maybe it's more that your actions and words reflect your intentions... good or bad. ???

more people should follow "your actions and words reflect your intentions". i am trying to live my life in that way. it's better for your health.

not feeling sorry for myself. which i think also encapsulates not feeling small and powerless. that's really scary and i'm not sure how to do it.

also defining a vision. i get caught up in specificity vs. generality, which is more important?

I think a vision is more of a story or a movie than a list of details specific and general. A vision is something that you can see. That you can feel yourself moving around in, and exploring, long before it's real. So it's both specific and general. I know that I want to live in a giant factory that builds projects with friends, and I know that I want to eat a breakfast sandwich every morning.

i think i've always operated under the notion that if i don't define my vision, i'll never be disappointed by not getting what i want. how can you fail if you never try, right? it's just so safe and boring. i'd love to change that in theory, but the real prospect of it makes me freeze up and get all sweaty.

once these are nailed down, I expect to see them engraved in stone tablets and placed on display in the residence.

thank you for being so inspiring!

Fantastic! Inspiring indeed.
No, not full of shit, as long as you can implement them all. but all of them all the time - that is quite a challenge!


I'm in! that's very inspiring...and terrifying! one step short of a 12-step program for curing mediocrity.

you've itemized something that i've been trying to express for some time. i think it all makes sense. it's good to have friends with a similar mindset who can think with more scientific leaning.

i'm far from scientific, but yes i think there is a similar mindset amongst us and the more we talk about it the closer we get to figuring out whatever it is that our mindset is trying to figure out.

when i say scientific i mean more logically organized. while your thinking may be far from scientific to some people (scientists for example), it's leans much further towards the science side of things than it does my side of things.... (i think i'm on the flaky and fractured side).

whatever way, kudos.

i am patiently waiting for the explanations.

damn you can't call my bluff like that. :) actually, i submitted a manifesto to changethis.com... if they accept it i'll be forced to elaborate a bit.

This list is incredible. I want to print it out and put it in my cube.

I like your manifesto too. :)

I really like your list, but I think you left out a crucial "commandment." You must remember to PLAY.

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