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bird poops on plum branch
Who's the most genius person you know?

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I think being recognized as a genius requires you to be unbalanced in some really apparent way. Otherwise you're just really smart. So maybe these two people were geniuses. We're all going to be undone by our strengths in the end anyway. Woof.

Aside from myself :)...

I know a lot of people that I would put in the genius category. Many people that I have worked with in the past and some good friends. The top of my list would include Thomas Edison, Issac Newton, Richard Feynman, Freeman Dyson, J. Robert Oppenhiemer to name a few that have influenced my life.

nerdhaus and not just because he bought me diamonds. he vastly undervalues himself. don't let him fool you, he's got amazing untapped potential for brilliance.

and matt daniels. he's ridiculously talented.

I think all the people I used to consider genuine geniuses have since crossed that fine line into the other thing. Either that or I have.

my dad, who is the "most genius person i know" because he decided to cut down all his trees before the wind storm. when the cement trucks come later today to cement the yard, i may change my mind though.

That I know personally? I'd have to say Napier Collyns.

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