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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Drink the Kool-Aid!
bird poops on plum branch
joshc wrote a great article explaining our cult on Metroblogging Seattle:

Membership has its privileges

But the best of all the perks might be use of the McLeod name. It is awfully catchy, isn't it?

Yes, you'll notice that there are a lot of McLeods involved with this project. The name is not by birth or marriage, but by choice, coin flips, and court documents. Is it a creepy death cult? The official position is that it most certainly is not [1]. Instead, it is an invitation to extraordinary living. At the introductory price of $50 ($200 for life), it might be the best gift you give yourself or a loved one this year.

At the very least, add yourself to the mailing list and you might hear about a fun party.

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[1] Did we really say that? I think we said that we could not officially say that it was NOT a creepy death cult. :)

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but aren't you the sole legal mcleod of the creepy death cult bunch? see, what would really be a kicker is if you required your lifetime members to legally change their names.

that's some kool-aid!

lele's a legal McLeod as well. We WILL give a free lifetime membership to anyone that legally changes their last name to McLeod. :) But yes, for the outer circle of McLeods, it's more of a pen-name... or a porn star name... depending on your preference.

i like to think of it as my illicit nom de plume. you know, for porn!


wanna be friends?

hi! yes. since you're my mom now and all! wait, am i supposed to let my parents read my blog?

i think it's better if we consider ourselves "sister wives" - hah. :)

indeed! we should establish some sort of stepford/polygamist unionized system.

so an official name change saves you about a hundred dollars?

and by "you", I mean "me".

you could also marry me. after january 24th, that is.

you'll need to remind me of the costs for each option again. Am I paying for the wedding? That's more than a one year membership but less than a lifetime membership, right?

it's only 10 bucks more than a year membership and plus you get ME as a WIFE.


(i have references if you need them.)

If you get married at the same time, it'll save you about a hundred and TEN dollars.

What a steal! I should get this taken care of before I finish my dissertation.

wait, does james get a lifetime membership as well?

you mean papa mcleod? he has to give US lifetime memberships... not the other way around!

chalk it up to a transcription error. your publicist cleared the article as being free of significant mistakes. but I'm more than happy to issue a correction.

creepy death cult whaaaat

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