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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Can you summarize your year in 10 pictures or less?
dancing alone
If you're going to be in Seattle for NYE and are thinking about coming to McLeod Residence's NYE party, you're invited to send me up to 10 pictures that summarize 2006 for you and your crazy life.  I want to make a slideshow with cheesy music.  Pass this around to other people you know who might come. 

Send pictures as attachments that are at least 800x600 (bigger is better) to bustermcleod at gmail.com.  Ali is going to select the appropriate cheesy music to go along with our higher highs and lower lows.  Deadline is... next Wednesday the 27th!

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That is an awesome challenge!

I kinda wanna do it even though I'll be in New York...

Do it! If you have pictures of people who we know, we can add them! Or, organize a NY version and we'll have a battle of the cheesy slideshows!

i have to admit, i am really bummed i can't make it out there for new years eve!

Yeah, I guess it's a long way from Brooklyn (that's where you live right?)... but it's going to be quite a party! What are your NYE plans?

it tis a long way from brooklyn!
yep, i live in williamsburg with labrujah

but NYE would be the perfect time...

my boyfriend is throwing a small party because some friends are coming in from out of town - it will probably be a mini dance party. then the next morning we are going to coney island they are going to jump in the ocean as part the polar bear club! i am not. but i will take pictures. :)

i do love polar bears! however, the polar bear club is a little too hardcore for me, i think. but it would be much more fun at coney island than in lake washington over here. i love your pictures. you should submit some for our lightboxes!

i would love to submit to your lightboxes... i just don't have any idea what to submit. does anything stand out to you that would work?

What an awesome idea!!! I'm totally on it.

Yay! I'm so glad you're going to come up to Seattle! We have closets there too you know.

*slaps forehead* I was hoping you'd all forgotten that already. :)

Can't wait. This is gonna be epic.

Re: Aww HELL yeah.

Totally. It already IS epic!

how does one get to attend such said epic event? the residence sounds rad, can't wait to check it out.

Excellent. I shall comb the archives for suitable candidates.

Any aspect ratio? 3:2? How about 2:3?

yes, any aspect ratio. i love your pictures. send this along to anyone else you think might have pictures to contribute.

If it is okay if some of them are from a different continent, from someone who is rather bummed that she will not get to see The Residence for a while yet, then I'm in; the computer's shot to hell but I should be able to pull some off my iPod. Yay for technology!

But yeah. Definitely not in Seattle for New Year's. It will be Bath this year.

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