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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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McLeod issues its first press release
bird poops on plum branch
Maggie and Lele put together a great press release for McLeod Residence's opening.  We're sending it out to people now... another step towards making it all real.  The first step for me to start mixing up my writing is to write short posts.  I talked to my mortgage company about getting a line of credit on my house, and they approved it!  I was asking them for the appraisal on my house (since the appraiser made me think that the number I gave them was waaay off... not surprising since I just pulled it off Zillow) and it looks like they appraised my house for a lot more than I was expecting (though not as high as the Zillow "zestimate").  High enough for the line of credit at least.  Along with the other investment we've put together so far, it makes it look like we're going to have plenty of money to build this and survive long enough for our McLeod to be given a fighting chance in the real world.  That's all we require! 

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Thanks! Now I wonder if anyone will write about us in this crazy holiday season.

I'm so excited for you guys! It's all happening!!!

(Deleted comment)
hey, i'm wearing that shirt right now.

Yes it is! And it will keep happening! And then we'll all explode!

name your baby Fighting Chance.

great release!
I've passed it along to a few friends who might be able to help spread the word.

awesome, and so glad i'll be there NYE!

Zillow still can't find my place.

Also: Super excited for McLeod hotness. I need to come up with my name.

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