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cinque terre


Buster Benson

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the impossible whale dream
cinque terre
This weekend I was walking to a bar or something with a friend and we walked along this big guy (sort of a down-and-out kind of guy, but probably not homeless) who had a giant boom box on his shoulder and it was playing "The Impossible Dream" loudly and he was singing along and walking so slowly, swaying. We started singing too, and it was a moment. It was the most beautiful, sad, awesome, terrible, beautiful, terrible, horrible, awesome, sad, and beautiful thing... I spontaneously burst out in tears and started laughing. I have been listening to the song over and over since... something about the whole scene just tears me apart.

When whales die they slowly sink down into the ocean, and all of the fish and the mermaids and the turtles and the sea horses line up and watch it and wipe away the opposite of tears and sing.

Your life is a weird movie.

There was no ASCII art in my email this morning. Is office hours on?

Yes, it is on! I went to an early lunch and haven't sent the email out yet. But yes, it is on, and it will be on until the universe turns off.

cripes...i try to steer clear of that kind of emotional quagmire . i'm liable to fall in and never be seen again .

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