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perfect moment trios
bird poops on plum branch
I wait for and collect perfect moments, and I give myself 10 points for each one I spot. They usually involve perfectly timing three or more pleasant experiences at once. For example, reading a good book while listening to a good song and being able to glance out the window and see something beautiful. Or, knowing that a good movie is being delivered by Netflix that day, going to the library, and buying a new shirt. Or, walking, thinking about a funny social situation that I've engineered, and being properly caffeinated. Or, plotting something fun, solving a riddle, and looking at my new blue wall. The blue wall helps a lot due to it being something I can now count on and use as an added bonus to any other combo of perfection. Last night I enjoyed waking up multiple times to enjoy the blue wall. Today I counted 3 or 4 such perfect moments and that, while not being a record, is nothing to pick your nose at.

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How much of a trios is based on novelty? Will the blue wall slowly cease being a trios 'trick' (or 'completer' perhaps) as you grow accustomed to seeing it every day?

I'm sure almost all of it is novelty, but part of the novelty is the timing, and the order, of the items in the trio. So I would guess that the blue wall will continue to delight as long as it's paired with an ever-changing set of novel pairs. But to discover a new "trick" allows you to see old pairs again and delight in them.

"Tower" or so says "Ada or Ardour"

Ooh, I forgot all about Ada's towers. Nabokov has already expressed all the good ideas. I'll just cut and paste from now on.

Remember the Sugarcubes? Bjork and Einer wrote a song about doing 2 things at a time called 'Lucky Night.' Thanks for reminding me of it. It's a good one.

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