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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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i remember very little after leaving your house except for lots of tongue.

yay best buster's birthday party so far this year!

My favorite part of the night might have been you standing inside the door of the makeout closet like a trapdoor spider, waiting to snag passers-by. You were determined.


i even snagged some perfect strangers! bwahahaa, they neve saw it coming!

Yes, and they didn't refuse either!

It's only fair if no one remembers (and I sure as hell don't :)!

Ah, the make-out closet. Such a good tradition. :)

Yes, you helped start this tradition!

Thanks for the birthday tweet, by the way! :)

wow. happy happy. sorry i missed it!

Thanks! Looks like Sasquatch was a good excuse to miss it though!

Ah, wow, it looks lovely.. a very happy birthday to you! :)

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