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Buster Benson

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hooray for fun!

i'm deeply saddened that we didn't make it out last night. i was having a hard time, plus i had only slept 4 hours the night before. oops!

I totally understand! You and Andy brought the crazy fun on Sunday, so you're allowed a night off. There are some pretty great pictures on Kellianne's camera involving tongue and ass. Not in the same picture though, phew. I think I'm going to need a 24 hour nap myself... but what if I can't stop drinking in the sun?

you should drink in the sun here on my patio!

except there's some dude sawing shit ofor our neighbor's condo. i swear she's fucking remodeling the whole place! grrrr...

happy birthday, b.b.mcleod.

i'm so bummed i missed it! it looks like such a fun and beautiful down. long live double downing this year!

Totally! Double down!

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